Roos de Boer

NationalityThe Netherlands nlGenderFemale
Age35Bouldering level5+ / V2
Home gymGrip

Gyms visited

Climbing gymVisitsLast visitLevelBest
Delfts Bleau2may 3rd 2018UnknownUnknown
Sterk3april 7th 201845+
Ronimiministeerium1may 4th 2017UnknownUnknown
Gravity1march 4th 201755+
Grip4march 15th 201855
Graviton1april 2nd 2016UnknownUnknown
Kei2february 17th 201845
Neoliet Rotterdam3april 21st 201856A
Kunststof2january 20th 20185+5+
Cube1july 16th 2016UnknownUnknown
Monk Amsterdam2march 31st 20184+5
Monk Eindhoven2february 15th 201844
Monk Rotterdam2december 24th 2017UnknownUnknown
Block0131september 3rd 2016UnknownUnknown
Gropo4april 9th 201855+
Bruut2march 11th 20184+5+
Het Lab1june 24th 201944
Energiehaven4april 13th 201855+
Campus1february 24th 20184+5
Impact1april 14th 201845
Rijnboulder2april 29th 201855+
Rock Tirana1august 15th 2017UnknownUnknown
GI Club1september 12th 201755+
The Wall1august 16th 201755+
Boulder Bar1august 13th 2017UnknownUnknown
Montis Magia1april 28th 2017UnknownUnknown
Falkors Bouldering Center1may 1st 20174+ / V0+5+ / V2
Boulderkeskus Pasila1may 6th 20174+ / V0+5+ / V2
Bossche Boulders1june 30th 20194 / V04 / V0
BAZ2february 6th55
Be Boulder1april 14th 202244
Boulderkerk Venlo2april 9th 202234