Climbing gym Delfts Bleau

CityDelftCountrynl The Netherlands
Websitehttp://delftsbleau.nlFacebookFacebook DelftsBleau/
Openedseptember 21st 2012Last visitseptember 28th 2018


ColourLevelRangeNr boulders
  Dark green2-2- / 210
  Yellow33 / 420
  Pink44 / 4+20
  Orange54+ / 5+20
  Mint5+5+ / 6A20
  Bright green6A6A / 6A+20
  Black6B6B / 6B+20
  Red6C6B+ / 6C+20
  Blue7A6C / 7A+20
  Purple7B7A+ / 7C20
  White8A7C / >8A20

These were the circuits when we last visited this gym. If any of the colours changed or if there is a mistake in this table, send us an e-mail at roos *at* Preferably with a picture of the most recent circuits from this gym.