Boulderhal in Maastricht

April 9th 2018 - Roos de Boer

Nieuwe uitbreiding van Kunststof, in 2016 opende de boulderhal in Leiden, in 2017 volgde Energiehaven in Utrecht en nu kondigen ze een boulderhal aan in Maastricht! Kunststof is al een top hal en Energiehaven zo ruim en relaxed, dat belooft wat voor Maastricht!

Deze herfst opent Radium Boulders op industrieterrein Bosscherveld. Wij gaan er zeker heen!

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Bouldering is a fun, spectacular branch of sport climbing. Without ropes you climb to a maximum height of 4.5 meter. Because of the thick safety matress, falling down is not a problem and does indeed happen regulary.

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What is the boulder tour?

Bouldering is a creative sport. A part of the challenge is to solve the puzzle that the route boulders have set up for you. This makes it very interesting to visit other gyms than just the one that is closest to you. Other wall shapes, other holds and volumes and above all other route setters will make this an interesting experience.

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About us

Roos is blogging since 2016 about bouldering and visiting different bouldering gyms in The Netherlands and abroad. Living in Urecht she was already bouldering in different gyms when the idea shaped in her mind to visit all the dutch gyms in 2016.

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The first boulder tour in 2016 was completed by Vincent, Roos and Elske, but a lot more people participated in part of the tour. We like this a lot. Bouldering is most fun when shared with others.

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